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Planning to renovate your bathroom in the coming months.  Why not begin with a lay-by plan with Strachan Bathroomware.

10% deposit and payments over 9 months


Lay-By Terms and Conditions

1. All goods can be purchased by lay-by from Strachan Bathroomware. You will need to pay a deposit and agree to pay the balance of the purchase price including delivery fees (if applicable) over a number of instalments.  Instalments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly as long as the final payment is paid no longer than nine (9) months from the date of the deposit.

2. By paying a deposit you are accepting the Strachan Bathroomware terms and conditions for the lay-by.

3. Only goods with a value of more than $100.00 can be placed on lay-by.

4. A minimum deposit of 10% of the value of the item(s) including shipping or $20.00, whichever is greater. Strachan Bathroomware has the discretion to vary the deposit.

5. Where a delivery fee is included in the lay-by the delivery location cannot be changed after purchasing the lay-by.

6. Lay-by payments can only be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer).

7. One lay-by agreement per customer at any one time. The lay-by must be paid in full before and goods can be taken or shipped.

8. Where a lay-by purchase includes more than one item, the items cannot be separated.

9. Failure to pay the instalments on time and in full means you have broken the lay-by arrangement and the goods will be returned to stock.

10. You can terminate the lay-by agreement at any time.

11. We can only terminate the lay-by agreement if you fail to pay the instalments within the agreed time. If the lay-by agreement is terminated, all money paid by you, except for the deposit, will be refunded.

12. Please call or email Strachan Bathroomware if you have any questions about the process.

13. Customers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase on lay-by.