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Always use a licensed and insured professional service to install your bathtub or spa bath.

It is important to think carefully about the size of the bathtub before purchasing. Not only if the bathtub will fit in the bathroom, but consider if it can be manuevered into place once in the bathroom. Other consideration may be to determine if the bathtub can be maneuvered into the bathroom; are the door frames wide enough; is the hall wide enough. In the case of an upstairs bathroom, is the stairwell wide enough. Narrower doorways and smaller bathrooms may restrict the purchaser to specific size and type of bathtub. The renovator should take accurate measurements before purchasing a bathtub.

Before installing a bathtub, the renovator/builder should consider what bathtub design will best work in that specific bathroom. He or she will want to consider size and the materials used to construct the bathtub, and the specific steps for installation of the different types of bathtubs. The process of installing a bathtub is not difficult, but in order to do the job properly, the person doing the installing should have the correct tools at hand to ensure each step can be done properly.

Consider materials first and foremost, as the type of bathtub chosen will determine the steps necessary for installation. A cast iron bathtub, for example, may require that the floor be reinforced before the bathtub is put into place, while acrylic bathtubs normally will not require this step. Cast iron bathtubs are extremely heavy and can make the installation difficult, but a cast iron bathtub will last a very long time without being damaged or requiring replacement. Acrylic bathtubs are easier to install, but may require more maintenance.

Proper installation of the bathtub may be the difference between a long lasting bathroom or a bathroom that may require a significant amount of maintenance and repair due to rot and mould.

Pump Position PDF (114kb)

Note: It is important to locate your pump as close to the spa as possible.

Choose your pump position carefully before ordering your spa.


Edgetec Systems provide some helpful guides to spa bath installation.